Now working as a Private Chef with over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry it is Chefs Display’s mission to provide you with the best information regarding menus and services. I also offer our consultancy services in respect of design, recipe and menu creation, management, advertising, business plans and more.

Working as a private chef I bring you the best of the best. Years of experience in 5* Hotels, Restaurants, Franchises, Clubs will ensure that you have international standards and menus to choose from. Now working in mainly Bulgaria, I can still discuss propositions anywhere in the world.

I have a straightforward approach. Either I can help you, or I can’t. I am open minded and I am prepared to listen, in order to understand your needs more. If you feel we the need to reach out to us it will be a great pleasure to assist you.

We wish you an enjoyable visit to our website, and all it has to offer.