home kitchen


You are thinking of remodelling, or redesigning your kitchen. Before you start discussing it with your architect, why don’t you schedule my services to get some great ideas.

I have worked in many countries, in 5* Hotels, Restaurants and Franchises, Lodges, Country and Golf Clubs, Catering and Wedding establishments. Because of this I can help you save money, and create a unique design.

In the end of the day, you get what you want. Just get the best.


As mentioned in the previous section, and because of my vast experience, I can always help or guide you in the planning of your next event.

You are perhaps to busy or need some assistance. Give me a call and we an discuss the next step.

For all three these unique services, the price will be calculated on the length of time required. It is calculated on an hourly basis. Just follow the Header links to the next page.


You have a special event coming up and want to entertain at home or at a special location. 

Let me help you consider the options when selecting the menu.

Because I have been a chef for many years, I can help you choose options suitable for the conditions the chef has to prepare the food in. Not only that, we can also create a fantastic menu together.