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Services I offer as your private or personal chef. Whether you want me to cook for the family, friends or your colleagues. Or you have a special occasion and need a top quality Michelin menu and presentation.

You can also hire me for a day to cook meals in advance. You might be otherwise occupied or have a very busy schedule. I can help with this too. I suggest you contact me for more information.

For your special selected menu, head to my menu section. Choose your preferred choice, and I will calculate the quantities required for the amount of people catered for and send you the list for shopping. On the day of the function I will come to the address of the function and start the preparation. And serve the menu at the appointed time. 

You can also book my services for longer periods of time. This is a short term premium long term service. Depending on the requirements and needs, discounts or additional costs may occur. 
In addition to the above services, I also include private and personal cooking lessons. T&C

Rates and Fee’s
If the function is for 1 – 10 people my rate is €150 per 1 -8 hours
If the function is for 11 – 20 people my rate is €250 per 1 – 8 hours
If the number of guests are more than 20, I will need addition cooks to assist.
If the function is for 1 – 10 people cook rate is €100 per 1 – 8 hours
If the function is for 11 – 20 people my rate is €200 per 1 – 8 hours
If I/we are required to work longer than 1 – 8 hours the rate is multiplied by 1.5
For longer period bookings, rates can be negotiated.
All rates and fees are VAT exclusive.

Travel Expenses:
This is calculated on a “geolocate” basis. If you are located within a 15 km radius from our main registered address, there is no travel expenses. Any further distances will automatically be calculated at checkout.
Should it be required of me/us to travel across country borders, additional travel insurance, accommodation and flight tickets may apply.

It is agreed before hand that you have a fully equipped and functional kitchen. I will inform you what I need to complete a professional task. Should it be necessary, additional hire of equipment is for your cost, and arrangement.

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