Social Media and Website Builder


Once you have decided that you want to use this service I will require some information. I will email you a template that you have to complete. In addition to the information I will need photos that to want to use. Do not worry about the sizes, but please give me larger file sizes. I can reduce larger files, but I can not increase quality for smaller images.

I will also require “content” to add to your page or pages. Do not worry about spelling and grammar, I will fix this. When you are ready with all the information and have made payment I will commence. It will take between 1 -3 working days to complete the tasks and quantity of pages.

Once the work is completed I will allow for maximum 2 revision changes. This does not mean I will redo pages, just make minor adjustments. During the process of creating the pages I will always provide you with an updated link to see the progress. The cost is €65 per page exclusive of VAT.
Follow the Social Media Links below to get an idea.

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website designs
single post ad


Single post creation with up to 3 Photos / Images

Single post creation with up to 5 Photos / Images


Single Thumbnail creation with  Photos or Images and TEXT

This is normally very useful for Youtube and video Intros. 

€14.95 ea


Overlay (or Alpha) Intro, Transition and Exit videos.
Between 3 -16 seconds.
I will need your logo. PNG preferably.
The videos used here are examples.

€34.95 ea


*Up to 1 Minute video
€65 ea
*Up to 2 Minute video
€100 ea
*Up to 3 Minute video
€150 ea
All videos will have an intro/exit alpha. Also TEXT and transitions.

Responsive Website Designs

I create and design responsive websites in WordPress and WooCommerce. Once these websites are created it is very easy to maintain and make minor changes or adjustments. There are also additional advantages using WordPress and WooCommerce. 

You first of all need to decide whether you want a “Blog” type website, or if you want to be able to sell things, E-commerce website. There is a list of requirements for selling. I will give you a template later of the exact needs. The basics I will discuss further down.

To design a website that is Google and Internet friendly, responsive and with good SEO takes time. I do not want to say it will take 1 – 3 days to make your website. The faster the turn around time is, the greater the change that the “back-end” development has been neglected. And this is the most important part. I will regularly update you on the progress. This way you can see the development and progress. And you will have a chance to make changes as we move forward.

I must mention that at this point in time it is very important for you to understand that a 1 page website is much easier to build. A multiple page website has much more work and links to make it all work effortlessly. The pricing structure I discuss next is based on different scenarios and external factors.